Notice of Termination of Enrolment

Please Note: If providing notice that enrolment will not continue past the end of the current term, this form must be submitted a minimum of four weeks from the end of the current term otherwise the following term fees will be due and payable. If choosing to terminate enrolment immediately, Early Termination Fees will apply.
See our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Multiple students? Please submit one form per student per instrument. i.e. if student does multiple instruments then submit one form for each instrument class terminating.

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  • Ailsa M
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  • Daniel O
  • Isabel T
  • Ishaan N
  • Jacob P
  • Jessica G
  • Jo M
  • Josie D
  • Jovita T
  • Laetitia N
  • Matthew Q
  • Matthew R
  • Melissa H
  • Taylor S
  • Tess L
  • Vivienne W
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